December 21, 2011

divine assistance through prayer

this frame is up in my dad and stepmom's home.  dyami was drawn to it and took this photo.  i'm so glad he did because it truly encompasses how i am living on a day to day basis.  as Baha'is, we are deeply aware of the spiritual forces at work in the world of existence.  through conscious communion with the Most Great Spirit we are able to tap into those forces of spirit and affect each other's souls.  this is most effective and powerful when drawing upon the holy spirit in the Word of God.  in this Day, it has been revealed through the Revelation of Baha'u'llah.  His Revelation is like an ocean.  it is vast, mysterious and immeasurable.  prayer, then, is like immersing oneself in this ocean and partaking of all its power.  prayer bestows spiritual life to sustain our soul on a daily basis.  it is indispensable, vital and essential for a truly magical, spiritual journey in this experience we call life.

we have a friend who is dying.  he is young.  his wife is my close friend.  she has reached out to me for prayer.  she lives very far away..  my father is battling cancer.  we all know dear ones who are in need of healing -- both physically and spiritually.  relying on prayer brings energy, hope and divine assistance.  it is faith in action.  it is surrendering to the Will of God.  it is relying on God and trusting in Him rather than on ourselves.  this is the magnet of divine attraction in our lives.  without it we are lost on our own paths of vain imaginings.  with each breath we can be in a state of prayer.  it is all about what we fill our hearts and minds..

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