October 02, 2014

sponsoring students ~ gems of the future

i have recently realized the significance of what it means to 'sponsor' a student.  basically it is providing the necessary funds to cover the fees for secondary school which is not covered by the government in most countries throughout Africa.
once a student with very little financial means finishes primary school -- which is free in a country like Kenya, as long as one can provide a school uniform and basic stationery for oneself -- the chances of progressing through secondary school diminish drastically because the fees are beyond what the masses of citizens can afford, even for day school instead of boarding (which is very common throughout Africa).

as i am now working with a group of 14 year olds that are preparing to take their exams and graduate from St. Luke's Educational Centre, i am moved by their high resolve to work hard in the most meager of institutions to educate themselves even though most cannot afford secondary school.

when i think of the loss of potential revealed in every child in this world who does not have the opportunity to attend even a basic school beyond primary, it staggers my mind what a waste of human capacity that is..what a tremendous loss to every community that is not educating its youth..and what a responsibility we have to care for each child if we want this world to be the best place it can be..

i do not understand the intricacies of governmental policies, taxes and laws which can ensure that every community provides free education for its young people, but i do know that if it's not set up that way then there is surely something wrong with the system.

i wish i could sponsor all of these students but cannot.  i explained to them that it wouldn't be just to sponsor one of them and not the others, as i am working with them as a group.  they know i am going to try and reach out to our friends and see if any support can come that way.  i thought it's possible, too, to write about it here in case anyone reading may be inspired to sponsor one or more of them as well.  the websites about sponsorship in Kenya explain that it costs about $50/month to sponsor one student.  it is best if it is a 4 year commitment.  if you want to reach the students at St. Luke's who are not connected by these organizations helping other schools,  please contact St. Luke's directly on their website or send me a message.
"Regard man as a mine rich in gems of inestimable value.  Education, can alone, cause it to reveal its treasures and enable mankind to benefit therefrom."