December 28, 2011

parenting a junior youth

loving her Aba (father)
i met with a friend this morning for coffee, a friend that i've known since high school.  talking with her about raising our children inspired me to share some reflections about being a parent because we acknowledged how few people we both know who are consciously making an effort to raise their children to be truly good human beings.  it is so much more than providing and caring for the physical or material aspects of life.  it is primarily and essentially a spiritual responsibility of raising a soul -- a soul that is trained with good manners, a praiseworthy conduct and a character that will make this world a better place.
just after a haircut..loving the fringe bangs
 as a Baha'i, i know that each child is a unique soul with the potential to bring light to this world or be full of darkness.  it is the duty of the parents to spiritually train and guide the child toward all that is noble, pure-hearted, godly, and virtuous.  we cannot leave a child to his own material or selfish desires or else he is like a wild animal who is consumed with selfishness.
now that ayana is no longer a child and has entered this new stage of life as a junior youth, we, as parents, are evolving as parents to provide her with the necessary understanding and support her soul needs.  it is a time of great changes which are preparing her to become a youth.  as parents, we are striving to instill in her an identity as a servant of humanity (rather than one who worships herself) who is tapping into all the God-given talents and capacity she has to fulfill her potential as a soul.  it is in this spirit that we define true education.  striving to be AND do her best -- rather than just doing.  the 'being' aspect of our lives is equally important.  we are continually guiding her and reminding her how to 'be' just, kind, thoughtful, selfless, forgiving, high-minded, etc. -- just a few of the many spiritual qualities and powers necessary to grow into a beautiful soul.
her best friend, Ana Ramanujan
'bff' shirts: best friends forever :)  with silly dyami in the orange shirt

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