December 07, 2011

life journey..100 posts later

i noticed that i've reached the 100 mark for posts.  when i started writing, i was living in Brighton, NY, not really experiencing the spiritual energy of life as i know it today.  since arriving in South Africa, we have lived in 5 different furnished flats, and are now living in a lovely house in Accra, Ghana.

my life has entered a whole new and different sphere of existence on the continent of Africa.  Dash and i look back on the journey leading us here, seeing how our destiny was meant to wait 10 (long) years before we could arrive in Africa.  we were meant to give birth to ayana, dyami and domani in America and arrive just in time for domani to enter school (albeit a year early).

we look back on South Africa and our minds go straight to Delft, the place of a magnificent spiritual journey of love and servitude to our sisters and brothers in a neglected township in Cape Town.  from there we were meant to live 3 months in Durban as a stepping stone which enabled Dash to be interviewed for his current position with Olam.

we're now writing about our west african experience as Baha'is.  the blog is continually evolving as i evolve.  as the name portrays, each post is written as a little gem of life's experience and perspective which is shared in spirit within the realm of oneness with the entire human race.

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