April 09, 2015

Dorphan group performing at the Spiritual Cafe

We first saw Dorphan - Poetically Speaking a few months ago at a Stand Up Shout Out event called Be a Champion where our daughter was invited to sing.  It was there that we heard them perform and instantly loved their style and spirit of being conscious, positive artists.  Soon after that event I wrote and asked Ian, their marketing/drummer guy, if they would be interested in coming out to Dagoretti to meet and perform for the jr. youth group.  It wasn't meant to happen at this time but it established an association between us & we became friends on Facebook.  They invited our family to attend one of their events and though we weren't able to go, it further developed that sense of association amongst us.  I decided to ask Ian if he would like to come to our devotional/spiritual cafe; it felt like he would be receptive to such a gathering.  When he came that night he brought many members of the group with him!  All of us who were there were so happy that they came!  When they started performing it was like time stood still and we were all mesmerized by their spirit, their vibe, their consciousness, their love and joy!

When Ian and I had a chance to talk he started to explain how touched he was by seeing the photos of the jr. youth group on Facebook.  He said it affected him how a foreigner was working/serving in a community that was full of suffering -- it made him feel that I understood the difficulties associated with poverty and that I could relate to their lives, their stories.  This is what opened his heart to coming to the devotional.  I was able to express a mutual respect for the work they are doing, for the spirit they are releasing through their artistry.  It was a special evening of soul to soul connections like that, with everyone interacting naturally and spiritually.  No one wanted to leave or say goodbye..