November 16, 2007

wings of detachment

As i enter the realm of homelessness from my native land, there is a feeling of leaving behind all that is comforting and understood, reliable and loved. Sometimes it feels like i'm a bird soaring with detachment from this world; other times i feel like i'm longing to stay in the tree or hold on to whatever it is that makes me feel i am who i am. The times when i'm soaring on the wings of detachment are when i am most happy. It is the times when i'm attached to this world that i feel sadness. i know this is an internal process of spiritual growth, one that will continue until my last breath is taken, yet the reality is that it's sometimes painful to make changes -- and yet without these changes, we are likely to remain at a level of attachment to this world which deprives our spirit from soaring like the bird, thus perhaps missing experiencing an extra closeness with God which comes from complete reliance upon Him when we have no one else or when there are difficulties and new challenges to face. I am happy to have this opportunity to test my wings of detachment and see where they will take my spirit.