December 08, 2011

Avatar the Last Airbender..Baha'i theme of Oneness

today, ayana and dyami were watching Avatar the Last Airbender.  it is currently our kids' favorite tv show (and the only one they watch, surpassing Ben 10 in their eyes by far).  they don't get to watch it during school days but since school is finished for the term, they were happy to hang out and get to watch a few episodes.

at one point in the show they became very excited and started calling for me to come and watch it.  as i came over to them they were already explaining that i 'HAVE' to see something.  they gave me a hint by saying that what they saw is why their friend always said this was the best show.  as i watched, i saw the characters sitting in a valley on soil..the scene continued to pull away to reveal more of the scenery around them as they continued to become smaller and smaller and until they could no longer be seen.  as this occurred, the wise character described how the root is connected to many other the spirit of life is if you listen carefully you can hear all of humanity breathing all things are like the branches of the one Tree of Life..!

the spirit of Baha'u'llah's words uttered 160 years ago are becoming the spirit of this new Age:
"Ye are all the fruits of one tree and the leaves of one branch."
for this Message He was tortured, bastinadoed, stripped of all earthly possessions, imprisoned, banished and exiled for 40 years.

the Avatar show isn't perfect but it is laden with essential, spiritual themes which are necessary to broaden our children's understanding of the spiritual powers and truths latent in all the kingdoms of God's creation.  the theme of Oneness as a basic spiritual Truth resonates the most with them.  nothing better than a story reinforcing eternal themes and exalting the station of humanity toward our spiritual nature!  i hope our children grow up to release their spiritual capacity through the arts.  tv, film, theatre and music are desperately in need of a spiritual transformation..

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