January 23, 2012

a gem of a child: Joshua

Joshua playing the handmade drum made by his brother, Emil, who is a Gem of Justice, when we were having Devotions
this is Joshua.  he is 4 years old.  his spirit reminds us of Tamati in South Africa, Linda Somni's little sister.  he speaks little English but he understands it.  he is very adorable in all ways: when he prays, plays, dances, sings, bathes, laughs, etc.  he is one of those children of the world with a very pleasant disposition..in addition to that he has that divine spirit animating his inner being in a way that is irresistable -- as if he's a silent ambassador for peace.  he exudes humility like his parents who live humbly without running water or electricity, selling locally grown and made foods for neighbors who pass by..he walks to school each day a very, very long distance with his older brothers and sister.  when i drove to their school one day and saw how far away from our neighborhood it is, i felt such an admiration for their endurance to make that walk to and from school each day -- leaving by 6:30am and arriving home around 4:30.

joshua was so happy to knock on our door last night, all by himself, with washed feet from our tap and basin outside, to come for storytelling and Devotions.  he sat still for 10 minutes waiting for his brother and sister to arrive.  he sat quietly, observing silence, without the slightest discontentment, while he gently tapped his brother's handmade drum.  this drum, by the way, is a stunning piece of craftwork.  i am not sure how it is all held together but every stitch and rubber band is securely attached and makes for a great instrument..

these moments of our life are so rich and joyful.  we are surrounded by souls who have a great and sincere love and gratitude for God, the Lord of all created things.  our friends in this neighborhood take nothing for granted and do not complain.  they make the most of everything and ask for nothing.  each day i learn something from someone here on the African continent.  Joshua is full of gems of oneness and a reminder of how happiness is founded upon spiritual behavior..
learning how to smile for the camera :)

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