January 11, 2012

back to ghana..

looking out at the ocean while eating lunch 1 1/2 hours away from accra
i am happy to be back in ghana.  i feel alive here -- it feels alive here as well.  i like seeing all of the people walking by, the vendors working hard, the mamas carrying babies, the children in school uniforms, the smells of burning trash and broiled fish, the smiles and friendliness of passersby who appreciate you being in their neighborhood, and the warm, warm hearts of everyone we've met here who are now an integral part of our lives.

being in the states for a month was great.  i really, really enjoyed being with our parents.  it was sad to say goodbye to them.  i appreciated being able to drive to various stores with ease and purchase everything on our list of what to bring back to ghana with us.  it was wonderful to see our friends, the Ramanujans, and play soccer throughout the month in the cold, crisp air.  i appreciated being able to find a wellness center that diagnosed my allergies and treated my ailing back pain and poor circulation.  it was also a great time to relax, something i don't often do, especially in my mind.
cocoa pods, up-country ghana

a truck full of singing political activists

drying the cocoa beans
our family while staying at the Olam guest house when we first moved to ghana
what makes me so happy to be back in ghana -- on the African continent -- is that my heart feels able to express itself so fully and easily.  i can show forth affection and sincerity, joyfulness and warmth.  i am able to be genuine.  my spirit shines forth beyond my white skin and embraces other people's souls in a way that is divine.  it is as if God truly wants me to serve Him here.  His people.  the African soil and its history of being raped of millions of its people is in my daily consciousness.  each day feels like a little drop toward world peace as i show forth those vital qualities as a white person toward my black sister and brother..especially the children and youth.. i will always miss our family and enjoy returning to visit with them, but i am thankful to have this bounty from God to live in ghana where our family can serve humanity in a way we cannot if we were living in america.

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