May 22, 2013

new hip hop artist ~ Ridvan Tu'itahi


a dear friend of mine just introduced me to Ridvan Tu'itahi, her nephew from Tonga.  he has a fresh style that reminds me of Tupac.  i was immediately taken by his story and then felt taken back to a time when rap was full of lyrics and meaning.  i love how rap has spread around the world and touched many young people's lives in positive ways.  i hope his music spreads from the south Pacific and touches many lives throughout the rest of the world.

i love listening to rhythms that move me, that penetrate my heart and enable me to feel connected to the Oneness of our humanity.  i especially love hip hop (without profanity).  it tells a story.  it introduces a message.  it makes you reflect.  sometimes it reminds you of what's wrong with the world, or what morals have declined but it's honest.  it's in my veins as if it's a part of me even though i'm far removed from the world in which its being told. the beats and rhymes have been reverberating through me for more than 25 years.. 

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