July 18, 2008


Today the world is celebrating Nelson Mandela's 90th birthday. To be living in South Africa at this time is surreal, a moment my heart has anticipated eagerly for many years, and yet here i am, amongst his people, the Xhosa. Yesterday Dash visited Madiba's village where he was born, where his relatives still live. Dash expressed over the phone that it was an experience that one cannot fully relay. When he and Khonaye arrived, the people of the village greeted them and introduced them to the wife of the Chief. Then they gathered in one of the buildings to have a town meeting, discussing the purpose and trying to understand why Dash and Khonaye had come to visit. It must have been incredible, so far out in the countryside where traditional ways are still in tact, where milk comes directly from the cow and homes are built by tools held with one's hand rather than a machine....

Today South Africa faces many, many challenges, but certainly it will triumph in the future to be an example of unity in diversity. It is a land of many racial groups and cultures, with a national anthem in 4 languages speaking the universal language of freedom and peace. My heart feels happy to be a part of this struggle. Each moment here feels like it's alive with a spiritual force, the dynamic force of example, to live free of prejudice, to live upholding justice within the realm of one's decisions and actions, and to live in harmony with the beautiful array of its peoples. Madiba's 27 years of imprisonment for this country's freedom is such an awesome inspiration to all who live here -- and for all the people around the world who long for justice, equity and peace in their lands.

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  1. How appropriate that the words of 'Abdu'l-Baha concerning "true freedom" should incidentally appear on the same page! :-)