February 20, 2013

"..life is like the roots of a plant.."

The life of man as an individual is in two parts, the roots and the branches.
The roots are our life in this world – difficult;
the branches are our life after death, filled with sunshine, leaves, flowers, fruits.
The harder this life is, the better the tree.
Not only is heaven the world of God, but this world is also a world of God.
Today is more important than tomorrow.
All the worlds are circling around this world.
Bahá’u’lláh says this world is the most important in the life of man.
This life is like the roots of a plant, not its fruit.  That is in the future.
Your good deeds and good actions will ascend to the Kingdom of God.
Under the ground there is no capacity for fruit.
The next world is unlimited, and you will see the results of your deeds.
In this life you act, in the next you reap the harvest.
The harder you work, the bigger the tree, the larger the harvest of the fruit.
The root cannot see it.

(Dr. Muhájir in Guam, December 1975, quoted in Dr. Muhájir Hand of the Cause, Knight of Bahá’u’lláh, by Iran Furútan Muhájir, pp.382-384)

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