December 17, 2012

turning 9 - Domani Biko

Domani's birthday began a day early when we spent the day with families from school.  hanging out with them is like a dream-come-true for our boys who get along perfectly with the sons.  after a day of playing and eating together, we all sang 'happy birthday' to Domani and enjoyed eating homemade carrot cake. 

later that evening, Ayana made him a batch of butter cookies as her way of giving him a present. :)

the morning of Domani's birthday began with rolling chocolate, chocolate-chip cookie dough balls on a tray to bring with us to Baha'i class that morning.  i prepared the crumble for his apple crumble 'cake' that he requested for his birthday while he hung out in bed with Aba calculating their predictions for the NBA season (a sport they are all crazy about!)..

Baha'i class was about 'thankfulness to God'. Domani participated in the discussion, colored a picture, learned a new prayer & enjoyed the chocolate, chocolate chip cookies :).

Domani hugging Gideon at Gramma & Prof Asare's home for Baha'i class
the fellas hung out watching a taped basketball game while the apple crumble baked before we all went out to eat a late lunch at Mama Mia's.  the car ride was like a party in the backseat with the kids and their Aba..

after eating pizza, we further filled our tummies with gelato.  while savoring the gelato, Domani observed a music video being played on the tv up on the wall.  he whispered to me that when he's a father, he's going to teach his children what's appropriate.  he continued to explain how he will tell his daughter to sing good songs and not dress inappropriately.  he finished by saying that he'll say the same kind of things to his boys, 'in a boy kind of way'. :)

when we arrived home, we were too full to enjoy the apple crumble so we sang 'happy birthday' without it and then Domani opened his presents.  it was very sweet how he showed appreciation for the humble gifts (hair gel, bouncy balls, and art materials) and showed them to his brother in a way of intending to share them..

by early evening, the local friends came by to join us for Sunday night storytelling and devotions.  afterward, we sang again to Domani, ate cookies, drank sobolo, and played around the living room while listening to music..

when it was time for sleep, the kids snuggled in bed with their father.  it was a perfect ending to a very joyfully-filled day for Domani.

ps.  in our family, turning 9 marks reaching the end of one stage of development and entering a new one (we embraced the Montessori view of child development many years ago).  the number 9 and its star symbol represents for us the highest single digit number which carries within itself the significance of the smaller numbers as it evolves into the next stage of growth.. we try to honor each stage of growth as a new beginning, reflecting back on the previous 3 years, acknowledging all that was acquired along the path of spiritual, academic, emotional and physical growth..


  1. So sweet. Happy Birthday Domani! I can't believe he is 9.

    1. so good to hear from you, faiza! someday you will have stories to tell us of your children :)

  2. Happy birthday, Domani! Hard to believe he is nine already! What a special birthday!

    1. thanks, Leanna! keep up all of the great blogging you are doing -- it's a wonderful service to many mothers! :)