December 09, 2012

jr. youth group serves, plays & studies

"Let him do some good to every person whose path he crosseth and be of some benefit to him."
~ Baha'u'llah

 the 'gems of justice' jr. youth group consulted last week and decided they wanted their 6th service project since last October to be cleaning up the road leading to our new house.  they said we would need shears, plastic bags, gloves, snacks and water.  it was a sign of their own development as a group because they were able to consult and find agreement as to what they wanted to do in relation to what they understand is a need in their community.  one of their intentions was to directly help one of the families by cutting down their weeds along the side of their home.
arriving from a neighborhood about a mile away
wearing a rubber glove to gather trash
the spirit of service brought everyone joy, including some children and parents along the street.  some of the children began helping us and by the time we were finished, a car drove by asking what we were going to do with the bags of trash that were collected.  the driver is part of a neighborhood association -- he was eager to help resolve our problem of trash being dumped and burned.  he was impressed by the youths' efforts and said that the association would call ZoomLion, the private trash company, to come and clean up this dumping area and post a sign for no dumping, as well as provide a bin.  it would amaze me if that really happens, but i am hopeful because it would be in sync with the spirit of the 'breezes of confirmation' which occur when we make efforts to do good.
at the end of cleaning up, with their bags piled in front of them
Evelyn serving the snacks (each one of them took turns serving something different)
tired but fulfilled
 the service project ended with a water balloon toss, one of our favorite activities in the hot weather.

we're currently studying the book, Spirit of Faith, which begins by introducing the theme that our true identity is that of a soul which transcends all physical and material descriptions..
creating a story on the themes in Glimmerings of Hope
creating a story on the themes in Breezes of Confirmation

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