May 08, 2012

'Joy in the Congo'

'Joy in the Congo'  is a 13-minute story produced by 60 Minutes about a most impressive symphony in Kinshasa.  it is an incredible example of how a people can triumph amidst the most difficult of life's circumstances, determined to channel all of their talents and achieve great results..

i have a great affinity for the people of the Congo.  although i cannot speak french and have never been to that land, the Congolese people i have met are illumined with a radiance that draws my heart closer to God.

in addition to the natural beauty that the Congolese lend to the garden of humanity, i am drawn to the suffering which has touched that land.  i wonder how the injustices of war purify the character of the innocent masses while indescribably corrupting the nature of those who perpetuate the ravages of war..

my affinity for the Congolese is but an example of my affinity for all cultures and peoples who have suffered war and slavery, and who now, as a people, emanate humility and self-effacement -- those gems or magnetic qualities our soul yearns to attain as it strives to draw nearer to God.

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