May 09, 2012

'Century of Light': full of divine gems

this was my post on facebook today after facing the insidiousness of police corruption here in Ghana:
"nothing like police bribery.. nothing will get done without it..and then nothing gets done anyway.. when you go to the police, they ask, 'What have you brought for me?' and when they come to your home they ask, 'What do you have for me?'"
this is what i read later in Century of Light, a book published by the Universal House of Justice, the Baha'i Faith's supreme governing body:
 "Baha'u'llah urges those who believe in Him to 'see with thine own eyes and not through the eyes of others', to 'know of thine own knowledge and not through the knowledge of thy neighbor'.  Tragically, what Baha'is see in present-day society is unbridled exploitation of the masses of humanity by greed that excuses itself as the operation of 'impersonal market forces'.  What meets their eyes everywhere is the destruction of moral foundations vital to humanity's future, through gross self-indulgence masquerading as 'freedom of speech'.  What they find themselves struggling against daily is the pressure of a dogmatic materialism, claiming to be the voice of 'science', that seeks systematically to exclude from intellectual life all impulses arising from the spiritual level of human consciousness."
every page of this book is full of divine gems!  it enables the reader to deepen her understanding of all of the changes and current circumstances facing humanity's 'coming of age'.  i find it soothing and inspiring.  it helps me to further articulate messages written by the beloved Guardian, as well as gain a complete view of this past century's history from a spiritual standpoint.  i am reading it as much as i can to gain insight and understanding about the progress of the Faith in the 20th Century despite all of the struggles humanity faced..

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