March 20, 2012

time away. with dad

reading the paper during a blood transfusion
time away is always an opportunity to reflect and allow one's heart to ponder on what's most important in one's life.  it is never material possessions or wealth.  it is always those we love..

i am in new jersey visiting my dad.  he is fighting lymphoma.  he's had it for over a year and it has attacked several of his organs.  for the past couple of months his health has suffered to the extent that he can no longer drive himself and he has suffered from a variety of complications which give him much pain..

enjoying the hospital's meal while he relaxes during the transfusion
my time here is spent mostly with family, sitting and talking, laughing or doing something together like preparing meals.  most of our time, however, is spent taking dad to doctors' appointments.  i arrived on a sunday and it is now friday -- he has had 5 appointments and one emergency room treatment.  after radiation, the blood is constantly struggling to rebuild itself.  2 times a week dad gets a blood test to determine if he'll need 2 transfusions the following day.  he almost always needs to have 2 transfusions a week..

dad reading to my neice, nina
i am grateful and happy to be here for my dad.  it is difficult to be away from my family; i am constantly wondering about them and missing them.  seeing my dad battle lymphoma in the fight for his life, it makes me appreciate my life and how to live it well, as i can see how it comes to an end, and all that matters is the bond of love we have established with our loved ones.

i love my dad..

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