March 14, 2012

remembering Delft, South Africa

dyami playing checkers on a handmade board with soda caps

today i am quiet and tired.  after 6 hours of sleep i woke at 4:45 for the fast.  at first i was very sleepy but after a cup of water and a cup of a green drink, i was ready to buzz around the kitchen preparing everything for the morning routine.  by the time i had taken nutritional supplements, enjoyed a strong cup of coffee, and savored toasted flat bread with homemade hummus, i was running upstairs to wake ayana (who was sleeping in my bed because dashiel is out of town) and sing a prayer to the boys who are always so sleepy upon waking.  when the time reaches 7:20am and it's time to leave, they have brushed their teeth, dressed, prayed, recited, read a story, eaten breakfast and taken turns to talk with me about whatever is in their young hearts and minds..
i actually took a short nap this past weekend

during the fast i don't pray until the kids have left for school.  the other days of the year i wake early and pray before everyone wakes.  for these days of fasting, i like to spend that first hour or so making my body strong for the day.  when the sun rises and i'm done taking care of the kids' lunches and breakfast, it's time to clean -- sweep, sometimes mop or clean the floors, wash a load of laundry, etc. and then i become immersed and wrapped in prayer, reflection and reciting of the holy Word with wholehearted devotion, humility and submission..

a jr. youth, siphesihle, who became a Baha'i
after a long period of quiet time and working in the kitchen, i started to feel tired.  writing gives me energy so i decided to write a post.  i stayed up a bit too late last night looking through old videos on our external drive.  i wanted to find a short one that would not take up too many megs and one that was from south africa, related to our time of serving there as Baha'is.  the videos of south africa evoke a deep longing in me to return there -- to cape town in particular -- where a group of young souls touched our lives in immeasurable ways.  words continue to be inadequate to express the love our hearts experienced living in south africa.  that love reached it greatest depths in delft when arising to serve in one of the neighborhoods -- we offered spiritual education classes from the Baha'i teachings on Oneness, universal brotherhood, justice, peace and a high moral standard of conduct.  we have very few memories on video that capture the essence of joy, unity and spiritual bonds of friendship that were established over a period of 3 years, but the one above depicts the joy they felt being with our family.
a few of our closest young friends from Delft

my heart is still saddened if i dwell on how much i miss those dear souls.  when i am tired, as i am now, i close my eyes and pray for each soul in south africa that is in my heart..each morning..each i remember them.

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