June 17, 2008

oneness..taking care of the human race

there is plenty of food in the world. there are plenty of resources. but there are few who have a lot and many who have not enough. the extremes of wealth and poverty are beyond the simple results of injustice and greed - at the root, they are the result of a lack of true, universal brotherhood and love, where people and governments are not deeply connected to the reality that humanity is essentially and ultimately one family.

we would never allow one's cherished family members to live in a state of abject poverty, or without access to a good education, or without good land on which to grow one's food, etc....

the real crisis is that not enough people throughout the world and from wealthy governments truly love their neighbor. the crisis is that those individuals and governments with so much do not exert their will to redistribute and ensure that enough is provided to ensure a healthy way of life for every human being in this world. there isn't enough collective and political will yet to change the laws and establish systems whereby every individual is considered significant and important to the beauty of the human race.

any and all of these necessary and vital changes must spring forth from the heart, to make daily efforts toward establishing justice in our lands, in our communities, in our neighborhoods - it is the heart that must be inspired daily by the reality of our Oneness, so that we no longer are content with only our own well-being, that we are no longer able to feel at peace until all our brothers and sisters are being assisted in their contribution to the transformation of the world toward its final victory: the oneness of the human race in one organic world system of justice and peace.

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  1. While reading this I couldn't help but think of a project that's taken root in Detroit, which is not only showing success by branching from one neighborhood into another but is also bringing neighbors together in the true spirit of brotherhood.

    As you might know, Detroit has a very high rate of unemployment. I don't know when the project began but a few people in one area of Detroit got together to start a "Victory Garden" to grow vegetables in an abandoned lot. It's now become a true enterprise where neighbors take turns working the crops (which might also include fruit) and anyone from the neighborhood can come, at any time, and take FREE whatever fresh produce they need for that day's table. It's anyone's guess how many might rely on those crops alone.

    How wonderful it would be if this were a universal trend!