February 06, 2015

'My Dream' - Billian Music Family and Ayana

Here is a music video with a positive message and beautiful spirit of striving to overcome one's difficulties in life, featuring Ayana and Billian Music Family

We were introduced to Billian when we moved to Nairobi; he is a close friend of Marie-Eve Lemieux of DUNK.  Billian immediately welcomed Ayana into his life by inviting her to sing at the opening of BMF's office in Mathare.  After a year of getting to know each other better and collaborating with friends like Patrick Sampao of the local music industry, this song came into being. 

It is an important story to tell, a dream to be realized by all who face great obstacles and challenges in life, especially in impoverished areas where opportunities are hard to come by.  This video demonstrates how leadership, combined with good character, attracts divine blessings along the path of striving to do good.  Billian has instilled into these kids -- and all around him -- the qualities of working hard, gaining an education and developing one's talents, no matter what the difficulties one faces.

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