May 30, 2014

veils to spiritual perception

"Our spiritual perception, our inward sight must be opened, so that we can see the signs and traces of  God's spirit in everything.  Everything can reflect to us the light of the Spirit."
~ Abdu'l-Baha

spiritual perception is one of the powers of human beings that distinguish us from animals:
"It is clearly evident that while man possesses powers in common with the animal, he is distinguished from the animal by intellectual attainment, spiritual perception, the acquisition of virtues, capacity to receive the bestowals of Divinity, lordly bounty and emanations of heavenly mercy.  This is the adornment of man, his honor and sublimity.  Humanity must strive toward this supreme station."
~ Abdu'l-Baha
there are 3 essential qualities necessary for us to develop spiritual perception:
  • a pure heart
  • the knowledge of God
  • the love of God
yet there are many veils which hinder our inner eye from seeing the reality of all things:
  • material senses
  • literal interpretation
  • vain imaginings
  • imitation
  • egotism
  • pursuit of passion and desire
"..we must endeavor with heart and soul in order that the veil covering the eye of inner vision may be removed, that we may behold the manifestations of the signs of God..and realize that material blessings as compared with spiritual bounties are as nothing."
~ Abdu'l-Baha

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