April 18, 2013

John Hunter: Teaching with the World Peace Game

perhaps some of you have heard of John Hunter and his 'World Peace Game'.  i learned about it for the first time today when reading a review about it and his new book. watching this TED talk made fueled my desire to engage kids this way.  the way in which he taps into all of the essential themes for gaining skills -- like critically thinking and patience while resolving an issue -- is beautifully blended with how he demonstrates his humility, respect and honor toward the students.  the game itself is genious.  ah! i just love it!  it's a phenomenal way of engaging children, allowing them the opportunity to learn how to collaborate to ensure that everyone in the game is a winner -- for the sake of humanity's well-being rather than an individual's!  this is an example of how to be an educator, how to impart wisdom to a child, how to stimulate their inner capacities and become a compassionate thinker of the great problems of our time.  every school needs an educator like John Hunter and a game like this..

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