March 23, 2013

my Ghanaian neighbors ~ photo display

"Be worthy of the trust of thy neighbor and look upon him with a bright and friendly face."
~ Baha'u'llah

when i am hanging out with my neighbors i feel great joy in my heart.  they are hard-working humble souls who consciously rely upon God for everything.. they have very little material possessions to distract their hearts from their Creator.  i love being around them because i feel the Beauty of God in their hearts, their eyes and their smiles.

here are a few photos depicting the life and environment in which my friends live..

almost finished eating banku with okro/fish stew

a married couple celebrating the naming of their baby

the joy of children

washed dishes laid upside down; mattress left outside during the daytime

making a house out of a box
Joshua inside his house  :)

pile of wood to use for making a fire

fish stew with gari

a keyhole garden created by the kids

making dinner

cooking over a charcoal fire

grinding pepper

roasted grains to be grounded for the baby's porridge

my friend, Ama

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