November 21, 2012

life in ghana ~ photos

these photos depict our life in ghana for the past 2 months.  to sum it up:  we packed, moved down the road, celebrated Ayana's birthday, enjoyed family time, friendships and are now settling in to the new house..which is gradually becoming our home.

Sunday morning Baha'i study & Assembly business with Prof. & Mrs. Asare, Christine Asare & John Praye

Dashiel playing basketball with the kids at the Asare's home

Gideon learning in the jr. youth group

dinner and devotions with the Gomashie family and friends

Dyami sporting his BIS uniform

Domani very happy to eat Doritos that we brought back with us from America

Dyami doing a dance move for the 'crazy dance contest'

Joshua enjoying some Azonto moves for the crazy dance contest

Domani's funny face dance for the contest

our 'gems of justice' jr. youth group before going to camp

hanging out watching 'Chopped'

Dash's delicious baked fish dish which we all love to eat!

making a tower with the boxes before moving

Clement and Oscar -- the 2 night guards at the old house

celebrating Halloween at home
the local goats which freely roam by our house each day

one of the piles of trash that locals & passers-by use for disposing of waste

the dirt road to our house - we live inside the black gate to the right

we lived out of boxes for 9 days while waiting for the house to be ready to live in

our driver and good friend, gideon, playing football together

Ayana on her birthday before going out to eat dinner at Mama Mia's

the best pizza in accra (european style)

programs i prepared for the Birth of Baha'u'llah celebration

collecting water from a heavy downpour to use to water the garden

beautiful plants alongside the courtyard

the contact paper used to cover the new cabinets in the kitchen -- i just couldn't believe we were not going to have normal pressed wood (it's already starting to rip in several places)

mi amore! before going to work in the morning :)

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