September 24, 2012

May Maxwell story

the following is a precious, incredibly awe-inspiring story..
recorded by May Maxwell:
“One day in the streets of Paris in the early spring, I saw a little lame boy on a crutch holding a pussy-willow, his face lighted with rapture. I stood and gazed at him and he lifted his eyes to mine and our souls seemed to meet in mutual love and understanding in that moment of beauty. I told my great and learned teacher whom the Master sent to me, Mirza Abul-Fazl, of this slight but touching incident and he said that out of such moments light is born, that out of that momentary contact of the spirit would unfold in the worlds beyond a whole life of meaning and purpose. The traces appear on this earth but the fruition is beyond, the seed of a loving deed, a warm and tender contact, a word of love and hope. A little service, a small sacrifice are but the traces here which like the seed will grow to mighty trees and bear imperishable fruits hereafter. Then how much more such lives as yours, spent in the service of the Cause of God, dedicated to Him, establishing an eternal foundation in this world whose superstructure shall appear in shining minarets and gems under the light of the eternal Sun.”
~ From The Maxwells of Montreal, pp 137-138

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