July 31, 2012

summer time fun for Ayana, Dyami & Domani

Ayana, Dyami & Domani's summer break began in June when we left Ghana to stay at their Nana & Poppy's home in the States.

the boys have especially loved being able to shoot hoops and develop a lot of skills and understanding about basketball.  all of them enjoy playing Phase 10 and Marco Polo with Nana.. 

Dyami & Domani shooting hoops
Domani stood on the bench to make a slam dunk like the professionals :)
it's been exciting taking weekly trips to the library and reading a wide variety of books that we can't find in Ghana.. 

fun past-times have included painting nails and toes, sticking stickers and wearing tattoos.

a treat for them has been being able to watch the Avatar episodes.  watching Avatar inspires the boys to create PowerPoint presentations about them..

on sunny days, many hours have been spent swimming, diving, and wearing goggles..

a special part of being back in the States is gettin to eat all kinds of food that we don't eat in Ghana --  ice cream, bagels, pizza, blueberries, popsicles, donuts and watermelon. 

bagels for breakfast

they love getting to sometimes eat out at places like Friendly's, Baja Fresh & Applebees..

using a gift certificate at Applebees
they have especially appreciated observing deer, butterflies, bunnies and chipmunks.  their favorite moment was rescuing a large frog from the pool and making a little muddy home for it amongst the tall grasses (with the hope that it would return).. 

ayana took lots of photos to capture the memories..

the kids rescued this frog from the pool

it's also been fun for them to harvest vegetables from the garden, and have that relaxing quiet time to draw, write and create cards and other artwork without any time pressure that is always present during school days.

the most joy has been derived from playing with the dogs..

going to sleep in Nana & Poppy's bed with the dogs while they are away

it's been a summer full of rain showers.  they love dancing in the rain.. taking walks in the rain.. and swimming in the rain. 

last but not least, they have enjoyed time spent with cousins -- at a nature center, the playground, the beach and at home..

angry faces with cousin Nina :)
photo with Poppy
one day down the jersey shore

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