June 14, 2012

BIS Ghana ~ saying goodbye to Dyami

our son Dyami is in grade 5 at the British International School in Ghana.  he has been there for 1 year and is regarded by all as a warm-hearted, friendly and kind person.  over a week ago he had to suddenly inform his friends that it was his last day and that he would not be able to finish out the school year with them because he had to return to America unexpectedly.  when i came to pick him up at the end of the day -- about 20 minutes after school let out -- there were crowds of students crying and full of sadness to say goodbye to him.  the groups of students tried consoling each other; most of the boys kept trying to be with him to express their sadness.  it continued like this for over 45 minutes until i finally said we had to leave.  i was so captivated by the love for him that i started taking photos to remember the moment..

Domani's friends were sad as well, but most had gone home by the time i had arrived

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