May 01, 2012

cell phone photos. life in ghana

we lost our camera while traveling a couple of weeks ago, and then our laptops -- with all our family photos and videos -- were stolen by the thieves.  i am managing to use an old laptop that has nothing on it anymore because it gets hot very quickly (we had it stored away for emergency purposes..and here we are in the midst of an emergency, post break-in)..

for the past few days i've started relying on my cell phone to capture some photos of daily life.  i learned how to use a memory card to copy photos and transfer them to the laptop.  i realized that there are a bunch of photos i took this past year that were never downloaded.  i thought i'd dedicate this post to sharing some of the photos..

Mama Yaw, Gideon's mother, making fufu
Mama Yaw pounding the fufu
notice how Mama Yaw's foot is up on an iron bar which holds the pot up - hard work to make fufu!
our most recent development: planting seeds in egg cartons to grow seedlings before transplanting them into the keyhole garden.. this was a great community project, now being cared for by the jr. youth
Katrin writing down which seeds are in each carton

Dyami and Domani playing chess while waiting in the Nyaho clinic - always a long wait at a clinic!
young girl selling coconut juice

kids trying to make a fire at uncle Mawushi and Cecil's home

Dyami and Domani's first performance test at tae kwan do
Ayana's bedroom door
our water tank adjacent to the pepper and bean plants

first time hanging out with our new friends

Gideon mixing water into the silt

a sample of our pottery

Emil's clay pot

Emil mastering his skills (this is where he lives)

Emil's mom, Monica, with her masterpiece
Evelyn and Ayana's flip flops

Evelyn and Ayana studying lesson 11 in Breezes of Confirmation

Gideon hugging 'Coach' at the 9th day of Ridvan celebration

Magdelene, Gideon, Emil and the Douglas kids :)

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