March 29, 2012

living..with lymphoma

dad needs to receive saline in his bloodstream every other day.  this is done at home as part of the system of healthcare he's receiving.  a nurse comes twice a week to draw his blood and someone else from a lab picks it up to have it tested.  the next day dad will receive a call to let him know if his blood is low in platelets and/or hemoglobin.  if so, later that day he will have to go to the hospital for a blood transfusion.
this is dad paying the bill at his favorite local diner where he likes to eat breakfast, the Moorestown Cafe.  he took me there for my first time last weekend.  the regulars greeted him warmly and affectionately, seeing that he's come a long way with his struggle over the cancer.  they come and sit with us as dad shares his current trials and victories.  i can see that he is fully himself as he tells his stories and makes them laugh with his light-hearted jokes and humor.
this is dad's desk.  he has been accumulating post-it notes for his business for more than 30 years.  he finally has a computer to input his sales, but the majority of his business dealings are on paper..all around him.

he comes into his office almost every morning, depending on whether he feels up to it or not.  he likes talking on the phone with his customers and they like his way of caring, being reliable and sending little gifts in the mail with their order.

this video is dad waiting for his food to come where he gets his blood transfusion.  they treat him like a king, putting warmed blankets around his shoulders and over his legs.  he has a flat screen tv with a touch screen to choose whatever he'd like to watch for the couple of hours he'll be sitting there.  he likes to nap half way through the procedure after he's eaten..

dad is living..with cancer.  he chooses to be happy and think in positive ways all throughout his days.  he says his life is in God's hands..he has surrendered to the Will of God and celebrates each day of his life this way.

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