March 09, 2012

keyhole garden..ready to begin

this is the (blessed!) spot where the neighborhood 'keyhole garden' will be built.  the other day the children and i gathered rocks for the initial layer to make the circle this weekend.  we have gathered a lot of grasses, plant clippings, wood shavings and cardboard.  the kids have been collecting ash from the charcoal they use to cook food, and i decided to use the rusty, metal poles that were for my beans to climb for the keyhole's center circle instead.  we also will use twine to hold them in place since no one has any reeds for tying.  there is probably not enough regular soil, but we have a lot of chicken fertilizer and cow manure to mix into it and create a rich soil to cover the sheet mulching and layers of greens and ash.

the best thing that we have is the interest and enthusiasm of the kids and 2 mamas!  i was so impressed the other day when i came to gather the rocks and weed the area that a group of them came to help without being asked.  almost the entire jr. youth group has now watched the 2 videos of keyhole gardens and are excited about making one.  even my gardener watched them and wants a DVD to show his son so they can make one, too!

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