March 04, 2012

51 reasons to Kevin Locke

dyami's painting, april 2011: the tree is reaching up to the sun

my dear friend, Cindy Ravines, sent this list to me, as forwarded to her from Kevin Locke:

reposted from Kevin Isgor-Locke

1.  The Fast is a bounty.

2.  The Fast induces tranquility.

3.  It is the supreme remedy.

4.  If is the most great healing for the disease of self and passion.

5.  Innumerable effects and benefits are concealed therein.

6.  It produces awareness and awakening in man.

7.  Fasting is the cause of the elevation of one’s spiritual station.

8.  Makes you mindful of the woes and sufferings of the destitute.

9.  Fasting and obligatory prayer are as two wings to man’s life.

10.  The Fast increaseth your love.

11.  It is the source of purification.

12.  Fasting acts as stimulant to the soul.

13.  It strengthens the soul.

14.  It revives and purify it.

15.  Fasting refreshes and reinvigorates the spiritual forces latent in the soul.

16.  It heightens the awareness of conversation with God.

17.  It is a spiritual pilgrimage toward the sacred heart of the faith.

18.  Fasting is a symbol, a sign, a reminder of the life realities.

19.  It is a divine law.

20.  It forces us to remember who we are.

21.  It allows us to gain control of the appetite.

22.  Fasting initiates a healing process in the body.

23.  It forces the body to divest energy from the digestive system to the immune system.

24.  It reduces the core body temperature.

25.  It increases the efficiency of hormone regulation.

26.  Fasting brings about a feeling of rejuvenation.

27.  It forces a slower metabolic rate.

28.  It creates more efficient protein production.

29.  It improves immune system.

30.  It contributes to longer life.

31.  Fasting increases physical and mental endurance.

32.  Fasting brings the ultimate rest.

33.  It is the spiritual exercise.

34.  It makes us attain to the station of knowledge of one’s self.

35.  Fasting offers a period of meditation and prayer.

36.  It offers a period of spiritual recuperation.

37.  It helps one to make the necessary readjustments in the inner life.

38.  It refreshes and reinvigorates the spiritual forces latent in the soul.

39.  Fasting is symbolic.

40.  It is a reminder of abstinence from selfish and carnal desires.

41.  Fasting is the cause of awakening man.

42.  During fasting the heart becomes tender and the spirituality of man increases.

43.  Material fasting is a token of the spiritual fasting.

44.  Thoughts will be confined to the commemoration of God.

45.  Though this awakening and stimulation surely ideal advancements follow.

46.  Fasting is the exercise of self-control which is of great benefit to the soul.

47.  Fasting, like prayer, is between you and God.

48.  It is an opportunity to focus on our spiritual nature.

49.  It is a test of all acquired virtues.

50.  It positively reforms the mold of attitudes.

51.  The station of absolute self-surrender transcendeth, and will ever remain exalted above, every other station.

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