February 03, 2012

boys' room.. imagination and ingenuity

this is dyami and domani's 'fort'.  it started quite small but after 4 nights it has become quite high and as fortified as they can get it.  they have used pillows, large soft animal friends, blankets, totes, and that chair (which they say has a secret window area that allows them to peek through).

there is something transcendent about this process that children, and perhaps boys in their own special way, experience as they build and create imaginary worlds for themselves.  it's as if their souls are longing to express those spiritual powers which emanate from the essence of who they are..as souls.

the process of making the fort -- and when they were younger it involved big objects that they could lift and move about to hide themselves -- releases such joy, excitement, spontaneity, and a creative energy that it makes me realize this is what childhood is all about at the simplest level of being a soul.  it is what lifts them up into their own realm of reality which is far removed from all of the rules, routines, responsibilities and other imposed regulations for their lives.  creating a world for themselves seems vital to becoming who they are and perhaps incomparable to any other experience a child has.

i am enjoying the fort almost as much as they are.  it's simply beautiful in its purest form.  it's inviting, magical, cozy, safe, and full of love (especially from their soft animal friends who share it with them). :)

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