November 03, 2011

the 5 Year Plan

Tom Price has given extensive talks on the 5 Year Plan.  they are linked to  he has provided a lot of insight for this current stage of humanity's evolution and our essential role in its organic growth toward alleviating the suffering and extinguishing the darkness that is encompassing the world.  though i attended 2 deepenings on the current Plan, it is these kinds of talks which really leave an impact because the speaker has done extensive preparation and research to expound on the Universal House of Justice's December 28, 2010 letter.

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  1. So good to see that you are keeping your blog up! Slowly slowly, over time, I have a feeling that this is going to become a toolbox for others who embark on a life of service in foreign lands! When you write a blog entry, post a link to facebook so I know you have written. Would like to keep up with your entries more, and I need reminders! ;-)