October 21, 2011

Birth of the Bab celebration

the House of the Bab in Shiraz, Iran
yesterday we celebrated and honored the Birth of the Bab at our home.  a group of youth and young adults were the only ones able to attend.  we began with Dyami reading a summary about the station of the Bab and what He was like as a child.  we sang a few prayers revealed by the Bab and then stood, facing the Qiblih, for the Tablet of Visitation.  when seated, the youth started singing their favorite songs while 2 of the young adults drummed some cool rhythms to them.  Ayana then shared the story of the Bab when the plague broke out without pausing, saying 'um' or making any mistakes -- she exemplified eloquent speech. :)  it was all simply sweet, uplifting and joyful.

it was now time for the game.  we made up a 'jeopardy' style game with 35 questions about the Dispensation of the Bab.  ayana was the emcee and had the answers.  the 2 teams had to choose a category and a number from 1-5 on the chart, not knowing what question was associated with the number.  i left the room most of the time to prepare refreshments but i could hear the fun the two teams were having as they competed against each other.  by the end of the game everyone was interacting, laughing and enjoying their time together.  it was just as we'd hoped it would be.  afterwards we sang O Lord, my God together and then went outside for a fun water balloon toss. :)

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