March 14, 2011

Moment of Silence: Japan

i feel so quiet but my mind is busy and full of thoughts.  my silence is helping me process and reflect all that is happening in the world.  i feel content but troubled by turmoil, calm but agitated by crimes against humanity, and full of certitude but wondering what next will test humanity's collective will  to help each other in times of crises.

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i think each of us who learns about news that troubles our heart and soul yearns to make the world a better place.  beyond the yearning must come tireless action toward achieving eternal impressions in this world.  right now my silence is necessary, kind of like refueling with petrol when the tank gets low, in order for me to arise with full energy to make a difference wherever and whenever possible.

i continue to wonder how people rebuild their lives -- whether it's in Haiti after the earthquake.. or any woman who was raped.. or the people who lose everything after a tsunami destroys their land -- and how the will of the human spirit is remarkably able to endure, persevere, and be full of long-suffering.

it is time to pick up the children from school.  i hope that my morning of silence, reflection and prayer has strengthened me enough to spiritually manage all that will inevitably arise in the form of mini crises. :)

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