August 25, 2010

early Babi women

i am hoping others will be awe-inspired and reflect on the post from a blog that wrote about early Babi women: strawberryface: footnotes.  my thoughts are centered on the unimaginable yet real story of what women in general, but specifically these first believers in the Bab, have endured at the hands of oppressors throughout history.

i am a woman who always wondered what life in general was like for women at different periods and places in time..even now. it is true, as the strawberry-face author explains, that women are not the ones writing history, and we are left out of history. it is written by men, for men. it rarely touches, if at all, on any reality of what women's lives experience in general, let alone in the face of war and tyranny.

thank you, strawberry-face, for touching my heart with the story of the early Babi women which was beautifully described by Shoghi Effendi, the Guardian of the Baha'i Faith in God Passes By.   i am certain that the women of this Age will continue to arise to capture history from a woman's perspective.

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