April 07, 2010

drops of One ocean

it's been quite a while since i have shared any gems of oneness from my life. instead, writing has ebbed and flowed mostly to individual friends and family, or as drops of thoughts on facebook's NewsFeed. after recently watching the movie, "Julie and Julia" (julie julia movie - Google Search), i felt inspired to integrate GemsofOneness back into my life as an expression of creative spirit out into the world of humanity. it feels essential that this little drop of my life experience be offered, even if it's just as a journal which someday our children will look upon to catch a glimpse of what life was like growing up from their mama's perspective. perhaps the web can be seen as an ocean of drops, and all of us who write and share information are part of that ocean of oneness.

this past year was focused primarily on developing the Baha'i School program in Delft, one of the townships in Cape Town. In January, 2009, Dash started to come every Saturday -- in the course of that year he developed a Delft American Football league which played 3 seasons and enjoyed 3 championships. we became complementary partners invested in the lives of many souls there. we have been going every Tuesday night to offer and share Devotions with the children and jr. youth -- these moments are beyond measure in terms of the spirit of joy we have all experienced! now in 2010 we are entering a new stage of development with the Baha'i School and it is quite exciting.

in addition, the past 6 months has been spent developing PJSweets with Dash, our carrot cake business. We now have more than a handful of loyal clients who order at least one cake each week. :)

thinking of drops of water which collect magnetically to one another, i am feeling intrinsically connected with our human family and it's many struggles and triumphs, it's pain and joy. i desire to share what inspires and moves me along a wide range of emotions and thoughts in response to this ever-changing, ever-advancing world civilization.

i am immersed in a sea of thoughts about what i have observed and experienced of African culture, specifically the Xhosa people. i have come to feel that my soul is especially uplifted and full of joy while spending time or interacting in some way with the Xhosa people. i am the happiest when our family is together in Delft, serving in various capacities to offer spiritual education and develop bonds of trust and love with all the cultures living there. striving to be an example of servitude while upholding and sharing the Teachings of Baha'u'llah is the dominating passion of our lives..there is so much to share as we continue to learn and grow.

more to share soon.. :)

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