March 26, 2009

Dyami turning 8 years old

Dyami Mandela Douglas. Our middle child and eldest son. He touches everyone's lives in a unique way of being adorable, inquisitive, and pure-hearted. His heart is tender and his mind is brilliant. He's a brilliant star.

This morning, before 6am, he came and sat quietly very close to me while i was praying. He waited until there was silence and then asked if he could offer his prayers. He chose the short healing prayer, singing it in a sweet and lovely way. Then he recited one of the Hidden Words of Baha'u'llah and quickly asked if he could have the very long-awaited cereal of his choice: chocolate-flavored rice krispies. :-)

His favorite friend this year is Amkele Nyamza, a kind and sincere soul. Being in South Africa for these very precious years of our children's lives makes it that much more special when celebrating one's entry into this world. How grateful we are to have this opportunity to grow as souls in a land which encompasses the beauty of diversity and awesome challenges to overcome racial prejudice. Dyami is a pure-hearted soul who is naturally breaking down all the racial barriers at school - he is a companion to all without regard to race. What a most joyful day it is to honor Dyami's birthday.

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