January 27, 2009

T.I.A. ~ this is africa

I just experienced a little TIA. I was gathering produce in my basket without plastic bags in the spirit of trying to reduce waste and live a life of ecological consciousness the best i can. Here one must weigh the fruit or vegetable first before taking it to the cashier. I had weighed the broccoli and onions without a bag, so the label of cost was put onto the bag of bananas.

When it was my turn in line, i showed the cashier where the labels were for the broccoli and onions, explaining that I wanted to save some plastic bags. She proceeded to weigh the loose vegetables and pass them on to her assistant who puts the items into the cloth bags. This assistant immediately took the loose items and placed them with care into respective plastic bags before putting them into the cloth bags. :-)

On a side note: there are no screens in anyone's homes here, including ours. We have just moved to a location that is loaded with spiders. Instead of screens, we are learning to appreciate the spiders' webs as a screen from various insects that would love to fly through our bathroom window. :-)

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